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Do you have questions or remarks about any part of our service? Please check the frequently asked questions below. We may have answered your question before!

  • Can anyone use a Hello-Bike?

    Because we love to share, anyone is able to ride a Hello-Bike.

  • What do I need to get going?
    • A smartphone with mobile data;
    • The Hello-Bike app, which can be found in the iOS App Store and Google Playstore
    • A creditcard, Bancontact account or iDEAL. This last option requires a Dutch bank account.
  • Do I have return my Hello-Bike at the same pick up point where I started my ride?

    No. Hello-Bike was founded on the ideology of sharing bikes and creating an effortless mobility solution. Therefor we use use a multi-location bike dropping system. Find the available parking spots in the app and go to your desired one to end your ride.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum renting period?

    You are able to rent a Hello-Bike for a as short as you want (starting fee is one hour) and for as long as you desire. However, Hello-Bike was started as a short term, last-mile mobility solution.

    During the ride, you are able to pause when desired, to grab a bite or go an appointment. Thereby, you are always assured of a bike.

  • Do I need mobile data if I want to use Hello-Bike?

    Yes. Despite that our smartlock uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your smartphone, the app requires a reliable internet connection to request an encrypted Bluetooth key from our secure server. This encrypted key consist of a very small data package that tells the lock to open or close.

  • Which smartphones are supported by the Hello-Bike app?

    For the Hello-Bike smartlock to function properly, a phone with a Bluetooth Low Energy module (Bluetooth 4.0 and up) and an continuous data connection is required. These can be found in the following smartphones:

    • iPhone 4s and up (with up-to-date system software);
    • Android phones with version 4.3 and up.
  • What do I have to do when there is a malfunction with my Hello-Bike during the ride?

    Please return the bike to the closest Hello-Bike parking spot and turn the saddle backwards. This tells other customers that the bike is broken and cannot be used. Afterwards, use the 'broken bike' button in the app, in order for us to know that the bike needs to be fixed.

  • Help! What to do when my battery dies during the ride?

    No worries. You can always download the app on someone else's smartphone and login with your Hello-Bike credentials, in order to end your ride. If you are unable to do this, please call us during office hours (09:00 to 17:30) at +31 20 261 9001. We are glad to help you!